Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shake Your Turkey Tail Feathers...

We really thought after the kids started back to school we would have all this extra time on our hands that we could devote to blogging and crafting. Funny thing, it didn't seem to make a difference. Both of our homes have seemed to be hit by the same germs, we are working on getting over our 3rd round of sniffles. Excuses, excuses. Despite the creepin' crud, Jaime and I have been hard at work getting ready for our Holiday rush. We have 2 home parties planned and of course still stocking Sweet 'N' Sassy with lots of new goodies.
I think we really have some fun stuff for the little girls this Thanksgiving. We were trying to come up with a turkey applique for a onesie and came up with this little google-eyed guy, and we added the turkey feathered (ruffled) bum. We thought they were really fun.
For the boys, we did a bunch of ties. We found such great Holiday fabric this year. We'll have lots of other fun T's coming as well, but so far this is what we've managed to get through. Here is our pile of great fabric finds that we are working on.

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