Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers...

I don't think one girl could ever have too many flowers!

My latest and greatest project has taken over my whole house. I was blog surfing and found these magnificent fabric flowers on Emersonmade. I became obsessed with figuring out how to make them. Thankfully good ole' Martha Stewart had a great fabric flower tutorial and template that made it all possible.

So my latest project has been designing a few items for a friends wedding. I have finished the ring pillow, and now I am working on a few accessories, hair pieces, corsages and brooches. But here is my ring pillow.
I will share the other items when they are all put together.

But in the meantime. Check out what these flowers can do to any outfit...
Our middle sister Stacey made these fabric flowers for a photo shoot she did recently. Stacey and I have fun shooting weddings together. You can see our work at Stacey enjoys working with models a lot more than I do, and she is much better at it. I prefer the little ones, so I can get really silly with them.
Stacey has been helping Sam get a portfolio together.

This is one of my favorite hair accessories.
And of course the peacock feathers.
Jaime added these flowers to an engineers hat, but you could add any style flower, to any style hat to make it just a little more feminine.
I'm not sure if you caught on, but Stacey has so many talents. She's a great hair stylist, photographer, artist, landscaper and craftster. I guess this is why we have always been pretty competitive with each other, my sisters set the bar pretty high.

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  1. This stuff all looks amazing and the photos are great! You go girls! You're all so talented!