Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rolled Roses...

Last weekend I made it back to the classroom for a little refreser course on flower embellishments. I always love taking classes, but only in subjects I am interested in. Otherwise, I get way too bored, way too fast. Miss Marian taught 4 different types of flowers and I have become addicted to 1 in particular, the tattered rolled rose.

I have found that I can roll these little roses while I watch my kids swim, they swim for hours and I can only swim for so long. So when I get out, I grab my bag of fabric scraps, a needle and thread and roll my little heart out.

These are great because they are so versatile. I have made them into headbands, hair clips, pillows and have added them to a few tank tops. When adding them to shirts you have to stitch them on by hand, but it only takes a few minutes. There are so many tutorials but here is my favorite from "Everyday Chaos." The only thing that I do different is I hand sew them as I roll instead of hot glueing. I find that glueing doesn't allow me as much control.
and of course, I had to add a few ruffles...
This rose is a little different but same over all concept. You can find the tutorial here at "Tea Rose Home."
A few of these are hanging right now at Sweet 'N' Sassy, with a few more in "progress" for next week. I am attempting to add tulle under the skirts to make them a bit fuller for the older girls. We'll see how they come out.

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