Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And The Rockets Red Glare...

This week we are working on 4th of July inspired items for the boutique and a few gifts as well. The kids and I ran down to our local fabric store and they had great patriotic fabrics with a 'vintage' feel. I'm not sure who likes looking through the fabrics more, the kids or me. They have so much fun looking at all the different patterns and characters. Here are a few of the finished items.

This onesie I made from a new, never worn dress that didn't fit just right, but was just the right blue I needed, and an old t-shirt from my man's side of the closet.
The booty...
How about a few stars for an itty bitty...

with a little hip action.

Mom, Nellie and I are heading to the Mermaid Mercantile this weekend and they are celebrating Independence day early. Nellie and I will be working on our tops for Saturday, I'm thinking something over the top, but we'll see how brave I get.
Anybody else making something special for 4th of July?

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  1. I guess you are just going to have to use my baby as your baby model until Jaime or Stacey step up and make you one. Oh well, just another excuse to get some more adorable stuff from you.