Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A break from sewing-

I LOVE junk gardens, a.k.a. taking anything that can be filled with dirt and sticking plants in it, and I've been itching to replant some of my containers for a while now. Our personal hair-stylist / middle sister (Stacey) had told me about this nursery, so I decided today was the day to check it out. Since it's less than a mile from my house, it's totally worth the drive... but I have to tell you I spent $33 and filled 7 containers with succulents!
Succulents have been growing on me, especially living in SoCal, where water is worth it's weight in gold. I usually check the prices of succulents when I visit any nursery or even Target and/or WalMart and they are pretty pricey.

Plants that range $4-$5 at any nursery were $1-$1.50.

... and these 'Strands of Pearls' were $5.
(I just bought Stacey the same plant @ Wally World for $10)
By the way, I didn't make this container, but I plan on attempting something like it soon!

I'm diggin' this tea kettle too. I am thinking about adding some wire to hang it. I will be on the hunt for more pitchers and kettles to add 'hanging succulents'.

This is a garden Stacey made around April of this year with plants the same size as the plants I purchased today.

... and it has filled in well. I always assumed that succulents were slow-growing. But, with a little TLC, they really do flourish!

I am no expert, but here's some basics for building your own succulent junk garden:

This is how I did it-

1. container- something that can hold dirt. Although preferable, it doesn't have to have hole to drain. I add a layer of rocks/pebbles to the bottom of the container to help with 'airing' out the soil.

2. Your choice of plants.

3. The correct soil- in this case it's cactus/palm soil.

4. Vitamin B-1 for transplant shock. Dilute according to label and soak plants after containers are planted.

5. I use moss to line hanging containers- just soak some in water, squeeze the excess out, and line container before filling with dirt.

That's it!

I have a succulent project under way that I hope to share- if it works! It involves a little construction with my main man, so hopefully he'll have some extra time to help me out.

I wonder what Robin's been working on?...

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