Friday, June 18, 2010


We are officially, official!
Thanks to Jaime, she found these perfectly fitting tags on etsy.
We are pleased with the way they turned out, even though they look a little homemade, that's the look we were going for. It is a nice way to use some of our scraps too.

It has been a big week at the old blue house. We had family from out of state visiting and it was the last week of school. Nellie had her kindergarten graduation and 2 birthdays to celebrate all in a weeks time.
I wanted to do a project with Nellie and her big cousin that they would be capable of doing. So I picked a clutch pattern that was pretty easy to follow. I bought the pattern from here, and they were very happy with the late night crafting session we had.
I did the sewing, but they had a great time at the fabric store picking out fabric and designing the way they wanted them put together.
I think I'll add a couple of inches to make a pencil bag for Nellie to use in 1st grade.

Check back tomorrow to see why we added the tags to our kids clothes!

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