Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few pieces for tomorrow night...

Don't forget tomorrow night at Sweet 'N' Sassy, Ladies Night from 6-9!

I haven't posted any of our hair accessories and a few of you were asking if we were going to have any with us tomorrow night. Of course we will, not as many as usual because we have been focusing on our clothing, but here are a few that will make an appearance.

DO NOT MENTION MY ROOTS! Stacey is fixing them in the morning, but I wanted to share these with you today.


  1. Guys - these are great! I need to play around making some different types of flowers for our headbands/clips/shirts! I love these! I get so stuck in a rut and keep doing what I have gotten comfortable with! This might give me the push I need to play with some new ones!

  2. I hear ya! I have tried so many different types and still don't have a favorite. I think I like them all. I really like the ones that are the most time consuming, but just can't find the time to make them.