Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fairies Day Out

We have spent the past 2 months talking about this event. The girls helped "design" their outfits. We even made a stop at Fabric Barn in Long Beach to let them pick out all of the trimmings, ribbon, wings, butterflies and anything else we could find to decorate with.

If you have a little girl and can make a trip to Summers Past Farms for next years festival, it is worth the drive.

The girls' tutus were made from no sew patterns that we bought off of etsy. The designer was Bella Symphony. They were easy, yet time consuming, to make. I picked her designs because the tutus are so full and extra dramatic. I also think they will make excellent gifts for our little friends!

Jaime added sweet pea petals to Charlie's tank top and tutu, and I added ruffles, a bunch of daisies and a few butterflies to Nellie's tank top.

Nellie's headband was the most simple headband I have ever made. I wrapped a wire headband with fabric and used my glue gun to apply the butterflies.

Charlie's tiara was adorable and definitely one of a kind!

I think today is a day our little girls will remember for a long, long time.


  1. HOT and fun... Charlie's already talking about her next fairy costume!

  2. I love that place...I only went once for the sweet pea festival but it was beautiful and relaxing. I love all the outfits! Great job!